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2023 Spring Special

Every year this is the time when I look out of the window and think to myself "I have to plan WHAT??? It doesn't even look CLOSE to spring!!!"

But we all know that eventually the snow will melt, the bugs will come out, and we will be desperate to get back on our horses. And that means that it is time to update your horse's vaccinations to protect from diseases it may get exposed to either at home or traveling, get a new Coggins test so that you can go on the road, and check teeth to ensure that a bit and bridle won't cause discomfort during riding. This is also a great time for a general wellness exam, a fecal egg count, to check if your buddy of many years is starting down the path of PPID ("Cushing's") and to address other questions or concerns you may have regarding your horse's health. 


We will, as always, give discounts on call charges and for sample shipping. But even better, all clients who sign up for an appointment during these two months will receive a 5% discount off the services indicated! Click on the boxes below for detailed information on our traveling schedule and prices for our services. 

Remember that appointment slots fill up quickly!

Call or email us soon, and consider trailering your horse here. During our spring special we will wave the office fee for you if you bring your animals to us!

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