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2024 Spring Special Services

Below you will find a list of services offered at a discount during our Spring Special Event. Since the whole point of "Spring Special" is to get as many of our patients vaccinated during the most ideal time of the year as possible (meaning that we try to vaccinate as close to, but before, the onset of high-risk periods for the diseases we want to protect our horses against) this time of year can get pretty busy. We try to get as many of our patients cared for during this time as possible. But since Dr. Dorothee has yet to find out how to clone herself, for now there is still only one of her. We hope you understand that, while we do everything we can to fit everybody in, appointments fill up quickly. 

Appointments at the clinic are more efficient, as we don't have to spend time driving from one barn to another, so please do consider coming to us. All Saturdays during Spring Special are available for haul-in appointments. 
Of course you won't pay a farm call, and we will even wave the office fee!

Scroll down to see this year's prices

Review of Rules and Conditions for Spring Special:
  • Dates of the 2024 Spring Special are 3/26 - 5/25/2023

  • Appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once slots fill up we will gladly schedule your appointment for a later date

  • Areas of travel as denoted in the calendar are by township, NOT zip code!

  • We try hard to keep all appointments but may not be able to as, of course, emergencies take precedence. Should we have to rebook an appointment because we weren't able to make it, we will honor the original pricing, even if the new appointment may be outside of the Spring Special period. If you have to rebook and we don't have another opening during Spring Special, we will have to re-schedule your appointment at the regular rate.

  • Please have your horses caught and ready for us to work on. If we have to help catch your needle-shy equid(s) we reserve the right to charge for our time spent.

  • By signing up for the services offered you save 5% on our regular prices!

  • And, finally, since we are in the veterinary and not in the banking business, payment is required IN FULL prior to or at time of service. We accept cash at an additional 5% discount, as well as checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and CareCredit cards at the full rate. We also accept PayPal and online payments at this safe payment link. We may add other electronic forms of payment over time (but not Venmo, since their charges are outrageous. Just sayin'.). 


Regular Price
Spring Special Price
Final price after additional 5% cash discount
Rabies + PHF
EEE/EWT/Tetanus ("3-way")
EEE/EWT/Tetanus + WNV ("4-way")
EEE/EWT/Tetanus +WNV + Flu/Rhino ("6-way")
Intranasal Flu (best protection!)
$27.12 (15% off!)
Prestige Prodigy Rhino (best protection!)
$26.84 (15% off!)

Please check with us if you need additional risk-based vaccinations such as Strangles and Botulism. 

For more information on vaccines, and which ones your horse may require, please click here.

Dental Work

Dental Service
Regular Price
Spring Special Price (5% Discount)
Full Dental (Exam + Float)
Dental Exam only, including sedation

Extractions are invoiced separately and billed by the time they take. An average extraction of a pair of wolf teeth (including local anesthesia) usually costs around $60, but again, this is an estimate only

For more information on dental work in horses please click here.

Lab Work

Lab Work Item
Regular Price
Spring Special Price (5% Discount)
Final Price after Cash Discount
Coggins Test
Fecal Egg Count
Wellness Panel (blood cell count and serum chemistry)
Metabolic Panel without TRH stim test*
Metabolic Panel with TRH stim test*
TRH stim test* only
Lab Work Testing Fee

*TRH stim test is the most accurate way to determine if a horse has PPID ("Cushing's")


Wellness Panels and Fecal Egg Counts are available in-house, meaning they do not occur a shipping charge. All other lab work gets sent to outside laboratories and is subject to the $10.00 flat shipping fee.

We only minimally mark up our lab work prices, meaning that you only pay a few percent more than what the lab charges us. In order to pay for the time involved in collecting the samples and interpreting the results for you we charge a $43.35 "Lab Work Testing" fee per

owner, regardless of how many tests are being run. During Spring Special we will reduce this fee by 50% to $21.68.

Additional Services

Regular Price
Spring Special Price (5% Discount)
Sheath Cleaning

If you are looking for other services please let us know when you make your appointment. We will try to accommodate all requests, but may have to schedule more lengthy procedures at a later date.

Find the calendar with our travel schedule here. To make your appointment                     or 

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