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There once was a little 2 year-old girl...

...who's mother couldn't keep her away from the big draft horse kept in the backyard of the place where they lived. The girl was me. It has been quite the journey from there to where I am now, with a successful practice and my dream clinic. First came the countless hours spent grooming horses, riding horses, cleaning up after horses, polishing horse tack, anything just to be around these amazing creatures. Then there was the excruciating pain of veterinary school. I mean, there were some fun moments, for sure, but my adrenal glands have never been the same after 6 1/2 years of incessant studying and exams, many disappointments and some triumphs. On to being a veterinarian in the real world, which was absolutely nothing that vet school could have prepared me for, but which would turn out to be an incredible, fulfilling, rich life. Many more disappointments for sure, but also so many more beautiful and fun moments I will never forget.

None of it would have been possible without the help of many people!

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