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Disclaimer - Please Read!

The products on this page are supplements that we carry in inventory for established clients only. Generally speaking we ask that you pick them up at the clinic, but we will ship them to you if you need us to. Please call 315-250-5938 for a price to ship your item.

Emcelle Tocopherol Liquid, 1000 ml

Emcelle Tocopherol Liquid, 1000 ml

Emcelle-Tocopherol is a unique, clear, micellized, water-dispersible, liquid solution of vitamin E. The product is specially formulated for use in liquid diets or mixed into milk-replacer at time of feeding. The product should not be mixed into complete feeds and stored for extended periods of time due to the unstable form of vitamin E.


    When we first heard about this stuff we were using KPP's Elevate WS to get up patients' Vitamin E levels quickly when needed. But we thought "Huh, that's interesting, let's see if it actually works", and ran a couple of blood samples on horses who's owners wanted to try this cheaper brand of liquid Vitamin E. It works. So now we give this to our own critters, because as much as we love KPP the company, we also know that money doesn't grow on trees. 


    No returns, sorry.


    Pick-up or drop-ship.

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