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The products on this page are supplements that we carry in inventory for established clients only. Generally speaking we ask that you pick them up at the clinic, but we will ship them to you if you need us to. Please call 315-250-5938 for a price to ship your item.

Equilife Biomax Biotin Supplement, 5 lb

Equilife Biomax Biotin Supplement, 5 lb

Equilife Biomax is a premium quality Biotin Supplement. It is clinically effective at 125 mg of USP grade d-Biotin per dose for the most aggressive therapeutic Biotin supplement available. In addition to Biotin, Biomax provides 50 mg LMethionine as an active co-factor to assist in the formation of collagen and 500 mg D-Calcium Pantothenate (vitamin B5) for promotion of cell and tissue recovery. Biomax is blended with the highest quality bases, including: antioxidant which prevents damage to cell by free radicals minerals for extra shiny coats DMG (dimethyl glycine) for improved endurance antioxidants.


    Biomax has the highest biotin concentration available in any supplement available, even higher than Farrier's Formula Double Strength! Equilife Biomax is your best bet for returning your horse's hooves to their best possible shape


    Pick-up only

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