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Welcome to Rivendell Veterinary Care

Horses are Our Passion!

Serving equids of St. Lawrence and surrounding counties. We are here for all of the primary and urgent care needs of your horse, pony, or donkey.

Our Services

Basic primary care such as preventive and dental services, laboratory diagnostics, and emergency care for your sick or injured equine companion is a large part of what we do. However, we also offer many advanced services such as digital radiography and ultrasound, endoscopy, EFSWT, mesotherapy, and regenerative therapies.  These modalities can benefit horses of all "occupations", from enabling a sport horse to be competitive at the national level to ensuring that your retired buddy of many trail rides can live out his life comfortably. We also provide a large range of reproductive services, from artificial insemination to foaling out mares. While we only offer a limited number of surgical procedures we prepare patients for referral to more advanced surgical centers. The clinic provides a space to treat more severe conditions, or to monitor a patient during recovery from surgeries.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Dental Work in the field
Mesotherapy Session
Hoof Care
PRP poster
Uterine Biopsy
Newborn Foal
Foal with Joint injury
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Shop With Us!

Do you shop online for pharmaceuticals for your horse? Do you think that our prices can't compete with the likes of Chewy and Valleyvet? You may be surprised! While we have to mark-up items which we physically carry in stock, we try hard to price items that never pass through our inventory as reasonably as we can. AND, because we drop-ship directly from our supplier you can rely on that they have been properly stored and handled!

Even better, some manufacturers offer coupons which apply only when you order through your veterinarian, so check out what we have to offer!

Prescription items from the Rivendell Online Store are available only to clients and patients of Rivendell Veterinary Care, PC.

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Supplements We Stock

While we are generally very skeptical of  the plethora of supplements on the market below are those that we DO recommend. Some of them we use with good success on our own horses, like the Accel Lifetime vitamin supplement and EquiThrive Complete Joint, and many items on this list are backed by research, not just anecdotes and testimonials. Click on the links in the descriptions for more information.

Click below for links to the available research on some of the products we carry.

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Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm

Morning appointments available for in-clinic only!

Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 10 am until 4 pm
with a lunch break from noon until 12:30 (or thereabouts)

We Are Always Available For Emergencies!

(Emergency services are only guaranteed for current clients. We will try to accommodate horse owners who use local colleagues for their regular care, or who do not have a veterinary relationship established, but cannot guarantee availability of service)

Contact Us

8330 County Rd 27, Lisbon, NY 13658, USA

(315) 250-5938

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